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Turn Key Direct Mail:

  • Easy Online Processing
  • Fastest Turn Around (1-2 days)
  • Creative Consultants Always Available
  • Unique Design to your Product/Service
  • Top of Industry Designers at good rates
  • Excellent Communication and Tracking
  • Top of Industry Copywriters Available
  • Free Consulting Services
  • Reliability to base your business on!
Postal Mail Service

Easy Online Interface Gets Your Business Mailers Out Fast!

There are more productive things to do In business than worry if your mail will go out on time and correctly in order to supply your sales team with leads. Working with us is easy, simply choose your services, fill out the information about your marketing campaign, and hit send, It's just that easy to get started!

Your sales team Will Absolutely Love Our Direct Mail Leads because they are pre-qualified to your services. Use our automated direct mail system to get started. Call to Make an appointment with a consultant and set up a strategy. Remember, consulting is always free! Our Senior consultants are not only well educated in direct marketing. Contact Us

Targeting Recipients:

* Try Our Credit Qualified Mailers.
* Turn Key Mail Marketing Solutions.
* We Employ Top Notch Designers.
* Free Designs for our Clients.
* Marketing B2B? Get Free Business Lists.
* Finance Mailers Experience.
* The Most Targeted Mailers.
* Highly Trained Consultants.
* Our Volume Agreements Save Money.
* 1-2 Day Turn Around Time!

Sales Training:

Picking up the phone and making an impression is as important to your campaign as the campaign It'self. When you get a call you need properly educated professionals that will close every possible responder. It's understood that most companies will have a training program, however, ask yourself if your training program meets any of the following criteria:

* Is it older than the sales team?
* Has the trainer been recently educated?
* Might a fresh view of sales techniques help?
* Is the current training the viewpoint of one single person?

* Is it designed to cover the aptitude of various sales personnel to get the most out of each team member?

* What will you profit off of a 5% increase in sales? What about 10-20 (our average)

When your company invites a sales training consultant to work with and train your sales team we are not only using cutting edge sales and upsell techniques, but analyzing your sales process and implementing new methods of sales and technology to improve upon an already successful situation.

Boost The Response Of Any Campaign With Postal Mailers

Let's Define Some Basic Principals Of Direct Mail Marketing:

"When reading or having a conversation, the term "Direct Marketing" usually brings to mind "Printed Mail Advertisements".

This is rightly so; and yet the concept of Direct Marketing in its entierty encompasses mailers as a tool but the process of planning and implementing direct marketing is a much more broad subject than direct mail alone, we sincerely consider Marketing to be our Art. The "Art Of Marketing is a Passion for all of us at Vanzan, an art that encompasses Psychology, Expert writing, Graphic Design, Media Planning, Salesmanshiip, and even process inplementation with Analytics.

Establishing Direct Marketing Relationships In Business

Within this website we have two main goals, one, of course will be to get you to call one of our consultants @ 800 768-7571 to plan out and schedule a direct Mailer marketing campaign (notice our number is EVERYWHERE), but we are also here to share our collective knowledge of direct marketing including everything from new products, credit card debt mailers, and the specific techniques of the tried and true campaigns that we can base an entire campaign off of.

We are, of course an advertising firm and we more than likeley do want your business we cannot strictly pick up the phone and sell you a campaign, we need details to cusom create an audience, goals and a clear view of how we will achieve them together. Every business relationship we establish is important, we believe relationships and trust are everything.

So, Even if you do call with no plans to use our marketing services, we will help with a "Do it Yourself" campaign strategy which will include free reports and an analysis in your industry so that you can begin your marketging with some good solid numbers as a base. We also have plenty of niche mail pieces made up so if we have one in your industry we will not charge anything for it, simply ask if they will check the creatives for you when you call.

Now the good stuff - Response:

The Goal of the Direct Marketing Campaign is to successfully sell a product or service that consumers may not necessarily need, but are willing to buy. As such, it is a must for Marketing Campaigns to be developed so that the benefits of the product or service can be delivered in a Descriptive Manner that Clarifies the character and advantage of the offer.

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This is where Direct Marketing Mailing Lists come to light, and as you know, the list you use in your mailer can make or break the entire campaign. The Prospect should list all product/service benefits as illustrative facts that display to Distinguish Important facts with a clear call to action (or two).

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The Three Main Types of Direct Marketing

  1. Concentrated Direct Marketing Mail - As the name implies, Concentrated Direct Marketing Maililngs are focused on a concentrated area of the market. If you are offering a product or service to the general consuming public - it may not necessarily be suitable for everyone. Consider how true that is when the offer is for a very specialized product or service. Here Concentrated Marketing which focuses solely on the niche market is the best choice as it is suitable for small-scale business entrepreneurs. The disadvantage of this type of Marketing is that it does not allow for expansion in the future
  2. Differentiated Direct Response Mail - This type of Marketing aims the product at a Specific Market. For example, particular brand of cleanser which can be practically used by everybody will be marketed to various age groups differently. The approach to selling the product will be different depending on the age group;but the product remains the same. This is a good Marketing idea with the one disadvantage, that it can be a costly type of campaign
  3. Undifferentiated Direct Mail Marketing - This is probably the most common type of Direct Marketing. In Undifferentiated Marketing, the Mail Campaign assumes that all Consumers are on the same wavelength. As such, there is a general approach to the advertising campaign and it is aimed at all market levels. The good thing about Undifferentiated Marketing is that the message will appeal to everyone and the campaign itself is easy to plan. However, since the Marketing used is not Targeted, results are not assured to a high percentage

Variety within the Whole of Marketing labors under distinct changes that are the lifeforce of Competition, Trends and Consumers.

Never doubt the advantage to speaking with an Experienced Marketing Consultant. Your Consulatant knows the Industry and it's audience to Previous Results of effective and ineffective Marketing Campaigns.

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