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There are more productive things to do In business than worry if your mail will go out on time and correctly in order to supply your sales team with leads. Working with us is easy, simply choose your services, fill out the information about your marketing campaign, and hit send, It's just that easy to get started!

Your sales team Will Absolutely Love Our Direct Mail Leads because they are pre-qualified to your services. Use our automated direct mail system to get started. Call to Make an appointment with a consultant and set up a strategy. Remember, consulting is always free! Our Senior consultants are not only well educated in direct marketing. Contact Us

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* Try Our Credit Qualified Mailers.
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Sales Training:

Picking up the phone and making an impression is as important to your campaign as the campaign It'self. When you get a call you need properly educated professionals that will close every possible responder. It's understood that most companies will have a training program, however, ask yourself if your training program meets any of the following criteria:

* Is it older than the sales team?
* Has the trainer been recently educated?
* Might a fresh view of sales techniques help?
* Is the current training the viewpoint of one single person?

* Is it designed to cover the aptitude of various sales personnel to get the most out of each team member?

* What will you profit off of a 5% increase in sales? What about 10-20 (our average)

When your company invites a sales training consultant to work with and train your sales team we are not only using cutting edge sales and upsell techniques, but analyzing your sales process and implementing new methods of sales and technology to improve upon an already successful situation.

Your Prospect Direct Mail Success is Important To Us

Calling on Late Pay Direct Mail Leads

Late pay direct mail prospects can be 60 days late on a mortgage payment or 30 days late. This delinquency will not immediately be seen as something that could affect a credit report but in light of the economy it is a bad omen.The harmful effect hits at the point it is reported as "presently past due" by a lender or creditor to the credit bureau. Still, there won't really be any lasting damage to this type of late payment as refinance is a good possibility. Most homeowners do not know this and would benefit from a simple late pay direct mailer.

Have a program for homeowners on the brink... ask how you can save time with Credit Bureau information. Call (800) 768-7571

When a credit report shows late payments by 30 or 60 days, there is still something that can be done about removing it from the record. You as a representative can call creditors or lenders and request to have these late payments stricken from the record on the behalf of your prospect but first you may have to interest them with direct mail support depends on the reason for the late payments and sometimes even the relationship that you have with their lender. Typically, it is feasible to have the change made especially when one or two late payments that were not successive triggered the offense.

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Targeting SubPrime Homeowner Borrowers

Late Mortgage Mailers for Loan Modification work because financial Experts are interested in working with Late payment Leads on the basis of new legislation that extends through Spring of 2010. The homeowner borrower that is 30-60- 90-120 days late should be informed of all of the resources available. In news related searches it is easy to see that active changes are needed to Stop Foreclosure. Loans both modified and refinanced can be targeted for late pay direct mail lead lists . Call and our consultants can advise your company of the qualifications.

Plenty of consumers are aware that Late Mortgage payments could drastically affect their credit scores and good credit standing. However, not all of them know that a just one payment late by 90 days is already as harmful as filing a bankruptcy, repossession, tax lien or a collection. It doesn't matter if the delinquency is in paying a bill that amounted to a measly $50 or a mortgage payment of $5,000. What matters is the number of days are behind the late payments.

Loan Workouts for Mortgage Prospects

Punctuality in making payments of bills, loans, and mortgages adds up to an estimated 35 percent of the American total credit score. As such, it can be said that making timely payments is usually the main and most important determining factor when it comes to maintaining a good credit score. Having a 60 days Late Mortgage Loan payment or even 30 days Late Mortgage Loan payment would definitely affect a credit standing making a Loan Workout for this lead is a valuable resource for the future.

Lenders see late payments as a sign of not being able to handle future payments. so being late in payments at 90 days will remain on a credit report for a maximum of seven years, right from the date that the first payment was missed. With Late Mortgage Direct Mail services there exists an opportunity for a win-win situation. Consider the experience of Loan Modification Help or Refinancing as opposed to the experience of being unable to Stop Foreclosure and call to begin your teams late pay direct mailcampaign today..

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